Try These 4 Unusual Workouts at Crunch for Free

The benefits of exercising are nearly incalculable: It improves memory, increases strength and flexibility, gives an energy boost, and helps you sleep better.

And fitness trainers will tell you the harder you work, the better you’ll look. But have you ever seen anti-gravity yoga? Looks like fun. Does that still count as hard work?

That’s the idea behind fitness club chain Crunch, which tries to make the grind of working out less…painful. Now, with a five-day guest pass you get a free personal training session and can choose from among nearly 100 workout classes. Here are four of their more unusual ones…

1. Adrenaline Rush: Bungee Flight: Looking for that adrenaline rush but too scared to go bungee jumping? Join the club. This class puts you in the bungee-harness and simulates a jump, putting you in various positions that key in on different body parts. More sweat, less screaming.

2. Turning Tricks: So you think your pole-dancing is up to par? Try the next level, which adds the hottest strip bar choreography. Sexy heels are welcome, but not required.

3. Cycle Karaoke: Ever been singing in a karaoke bar and wish it could be healthier? With Cycle Karaoke you can feel the burn while singing your favorite Def Leppard song.

4. Boing! Bounce your way to a better body with spring-based boots. Although they’re difficult to match with a suitable outfit, these shoes do reduce the impact of your workout by 80 percent.

The five-day guest pass includes a free personal training session and allows you to use all Crunch Signature locations (there are 17 in the New York City area, two of them are in Brooklyn).

And come help celebrate Park Slope Crunch’s 20th birthday. On April 27 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., there will be a party with snacks, giveaways, special classes, raffles and more at 330 Flatbush Avenue. Open to the public.

To register for the five-day guest pass, check out their website.

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