Local pol pens legislation that would implement internet sale “safe zones”

One local politician is looking to enact “safe zones” for those looking to buy, sell or exchange goods over the internet.

Councilmember Mark Treyger on Wednesday, May 24 introduced legislation (co-sponsored by fellow Brooklyn pol Councilmember Alan Maisel) that would create internet purchase or exchange “safe zone locations” at NYPD precinct stations and other publicly accessible locations across the city.

“Our society is one in which more and more purchases are made or arranged online, but whether one is pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, or simply looking to rid their home of clutter and make a few extra bucks, no New Yorker should ever have to fear for their safety, their possessions or their life during a simple financial transaction,” said Treyger, who is proud of his legislation. “Arranging to conduct sales or exchanges at NYPD-monitored locations can help us wipe out a completely avoidable type of criminal activity and keep New Yorkers safe.”

This legislation comes at a time when internet sales and exchanges — and the dangers they impose — are on the rise (earlier this month, a person selling gift cards through the website “Craigslist” from his hotel room near Grand Central Station was robbed at gunpoint of $10,000).

According to Treyger, the number of internet transaction safe zones has been rapidly increasing in nearby states Connecticut and New Jersey. Furthermore, communities in or around other major cities like Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia already have heavily utilized internet safe zone programs.

“I am pleased to co-sponsor this vital legislation which will promote safe areas where New Yorkers can perform internet sales transactions,” added Maisel. “I am especially supportive of this legislation given all the reported crime in the past from such transactions and I echo Councilmember Treyger’s words: no New Yorker should ever have to fear for their safety.”

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