Three police vans dedicated in honor of late NYPD auxiliary chief

Three auxiliary police vans were dedicated in memory of NYPD Auxiliary Deputy Chief Anthony “Tony Christo” Christodoulakis earlier this month, thus memorializing the life and career of one of NYPD’s Patrol Borough Brooklyn South’s most beloved auxiliary police officers.

The vans, which were purchased thanks to a $125,000 allocation by Councilmember Chaim Deutsch, were given to the auxiliary units of the 60th, 61st and 70th Precincts at a dedication ceremony in front of the 60th Precinct on Monday, June 12.

Christodoulakis, who was known by his friends and family as “Christo,” served in several South Brooklyn precincts as an auxiliary officer throughout his 44-year career. Following his death at the age of 64 on Tuesday December 6, Christo was promoted to auxiliary assistant chief.

Fawzy Azzab, an auxiliary officer at the 68th Precinct who worked with Christo, served as Christo’s personal assistant while he was a patient at NYU Lutheran Medical Center after a major stroke.

“It was great working with him. He was by the book and I learned a lot from him. He was excellent, doesn’t matter your race religion, color,” said Azzab, who has volunteered for the 68 for five years. “I spent 3,780 hours over a year with him at the hospital and if he lived more, I would give him more.”

Azzab was also authorized by Lutheran to provide physical therapy to Christo, who had difficulty walking. Azzab recalls that his support for Christo in his time of need was only fair, considering the late officer’s compassionate personality.

“When I lost my twin brother three years ago, Chief Christo was at my house and he stood for me and it was my time to stand for him,” said Azzab.


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