Time to de-stress: Bay Ridge takes a deep breath

When the group was asked if they experienced headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, or irritability, it was unanimous. Every person attending the July 18 Stress Management Workshop at Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare raised their hand.

“It’s like a glass filling up  with water — stress. And as the water gets higher and higher in the glass, that means the stress levels are building up,” said Dr. Carey Skorski, wellness professional and owner of Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare. “When the symptoms show up is when the water is spilling over the side of the glass.”

While some stress is healthy, too much can be harmful to the body causing aches, pains and overall health issues, according to Skorski who explained that too often Americans reach for a pain reliever or medication to manage their aches and pains before they ask what may be causing them.

“There are alternatives to drugs and surgery. Drugs and surgery are there for emergencies and that’s good,” said Skorski. “At the same time, I want people to know there are alternatives, natural alternatives.”

According to Skorski, the goal of the event was to educate the community on how to be better able to deal with stress. He said that though people may not be able to change the amount of stress in their life, they can be better equipped at handling it with these tools:

    1. Diet and Exercise. Skorski explained that regular exercise releases endorphins in your body that leave you feeling great after your workout and make your body better able to handle stresses when they come.
    2. Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Exercises. Working yoga and meditation into your schedule can boost endorphins, clear your mind and give you the tools to help you stay calm in high stress situations.
    3. Stretching. According to the workshop, stretching can release the same de-stressing endorphins as exercise.
    4. Pressure Points. According to Skorski, holding four pressure points, one at the base of your thumb and three below on the wrist, and then placing the hand on your forehead and breathing, can relieve stress. Make sure to do this to both wrists in order to serve both sides of your body.
    5. Positive Thinking. Stressors are unavoidable but the way they are handled and affect the rest of the day is in the individual’s control, said Skorski. He encourages individuals to track and think about the ways they react to stress in order to handle it better in the future and not allow themselves to be bogged down by incidents that are out of their control. He said to spin your stress in a positive way. Maybe that flat tire saved you from a bigger accident?
    6. Talking. Skorski encourages patients to share their stresses with others but to be sure to vent their frustration to different people to avoid putting pressure on friendships.
    7. ER 911. This homeopathic remedy sold by the center can help reduce symptoms in high-stress situations. A few sprays can reduce anxiety, and the natural remedy is safe for pregnant women and even babies.

The center is focused on providing patients with resources like these to handle stress and provide nutritional, chiropractic and holistic care for other causes of illness and pain like pinched nerves.

“Most people don’t understand why they’re not feeling well or why they a have a health problem. So when we can educate people on what’s going on, to find the underlying cause of the symptom then, if they decide to, we can help them in a natural and holistic way,” said Skorski.

A free examination and free consultation were given to new patients who attended the workshop.

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