Construction underway on new Pipin’s development

More than a year after permits were first filed, construction on a new, six-story development at the former site of the storied Pipin’s Pub has finally begun.

The multi-million dollar project – which encompasses 9701 Third Avenue as well as the long vacant site next door once occupied by J.T.’s Restaurant – will include 20 apartments within 23,154 square feet of residential space, as well as condo-sized units, four per floor, on the five floors above.

And, with a full demolition well underway, Pipin’s co-owner Stephen Oliver – who re-located the watering hole and restaurant to a new “pop-up” location at 9023 Third Avenue, the former home of Circles Grill, late last year – is sticking to the original plan to reopen on the first floor of the coming condominium.

“Our intentions are to be back on that corner,” said Oliver, who owns and operates the establishment alongside family members Anthony Bartholomeo and Paul Pandolfi. “The square footage that we’re getting handed back is ours and from day one it’s been that way.”

Original plans for the development included outdoor parking for two cars, an eight-car garage underground, a roof deck and a rear yard for residents. According to plans filed with the Department of Buildings, the space will also see the creation of 10 bike spaces.

The parking conforms with what is required by the zoning. The site is zoned R6A, which means apartment buildings as tall as 70 feet can be constructed (with a setback if the structure exceeds 60 feet), with a commercial overlay permitting businesses to occupy the first floor of the structure.
The approved plans call for the building to have an as-of-right floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.0, a measurement that reflects the ratio between the total floor area of the building and the square footage of the lot on which it is built.

Pipin’s, a multi-generational family business and mainstay in Bay Ridge, called the corner of 97th Street and Third Avenue home for more than 45 years before pouring its last pints at its flagship space in August, 2015. Just two months later, it reopened in its interim location that has since done well.

Though, Oliver reiterated, its homecoming is still a go.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” he said, “the whole process, from four years ago, almost, to now. But, our intentions, as of right now, are still to be on that corner.

“I’m very happy to see the progress that’s being made,” Oliver went on, noting also that, since news of the development first broke, Pipin’s has received an outpouring of support as well as what he described as community concern. “It seems like the neighborhood was concerned with what’s going on there. I heard many rumors over the last year and a half. I’ve heard things from it’s not being done because there’s a river running through the underground to Pipin’s is not going back to that space because somebody else bought it.”

All of those rumors were just that – rumors, stressed Oliver.

“Everything’s as is so far,” he said. “We’re still hoping to be there sometime within the next two years.”

The project is being overseen by Bensonhurst-based developer Adam Friedman of Interboro Management, and Staten Island architect Tony Sayad.

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