Generally Speaking: Bay Ridge needs a free bus ferry shuttle

The NYC Ferry service from the American Veterans Memorial Pier (formerly the 69th Street Pier) at the foot of Bay Ridge Avenue is a terrific addition to the transit needs of this area of South Brooklyn.

However, if you don’t live within walking distance of the new NYC Ferry dock, it could easily cost you a double fare, the MTA bus fare plus the ferry fare.

In addition there is very little on-street parking available near the Bay Ridge pier. Even if you are lucky enough to score a space, just driving around and looking for an almost elusive spot adds to the frustration and possibly leads to a missed boat!

I am strongly advocating for NYC Ferry to add a free bus shuttle service to and from Shore Road and Bay Ridge Avenue, and urge all the local City Council primary candidates and the incumbent elected officials  to push for its implementation.

NYC Ferry already does provide free shuttle ferry shuttle buses in Manhattan and the Rockaways.  In the Rockaways, there is an east-west shuttle that makes six stops in each direction.

* * *

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams  held his fourth annual International Day of Friendship heralding the wide diversity of peoples in the borough. The event was held on Sunday, August 6 at Brooklyn Borough Hall and Columbus Park, from 1 to 5 p.m.  The program was emceed by Adams’ Senior Advisor Ingrid Lewis-Martin, and was presided over by Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna.

The program kicked off  with a Unity Parade of Flags with over 165 nations from around the world represented. As soon as the parade concluded, the colorful array of flags was planted around the flower-bedecked garden area of Columbus Park.

The day’s agenda included cultural performances and a Brooklyn Fusion discussion, plus  ongoing activities at a  global and youth village.

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