NYPD officer indicted for fighting, intimidating Coney Island man

An NYPD Officer was indicted on Monday, September 18, for allegedly assaulting and intimidating a 23-year-old man in Coney Island following an argument on July 8.

According to Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Officer O’Keefe Thompson, who was working for the 60th Precinct at the time of the incident, was on duty near West 32nd Street and Mermaid Avenue when he ordered Raymond Crespo to pick up a plastic cup that his friend had knocked out of his hand shortly after midnight. When Crespo refused, Thompson allegedly threw him against the doorway of a nearby bodega, knocked him to the ground and dragged him along the sidewalk.

Later, at home, Crespo went to sleep and woke up with bruising, concussion symptoms and a swollen face. He was treated at Coney Island Hospital and filed a complaint against Thompson later that day.

At around 2:30 a.m. on July 19, Thompson allegedly went looking for Crespo in Coney Island while in plainclothes. Once he spotted him, Thompson allegedly confronted the victim and displayed a gun in his waistband, before being pushed away by bystanders.


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