Cops arrest suspect in vandalism at two local mosques

Cops have arrested the man who, they say, allegedly vandalized two mosques within the Sunset Park area.

According to authorities, Moy Y Hu was arrested on Wednesday, November 22 on two counts of criminal mischief.

On Saturday, November 11, at around 5:20 p.m., surveillance videos caught a man, believed by police to be Hu, approaching Beit El-Maqdis Islamic Center, 6202 Sixth Avenue, and breaking one of the mosque’s outdoor cameras with a hammer before entering the building where he broke around four windows.

The same day at around 5:38 p.m., surveillance also showed the alleged suspect outside the United American Muslim Association of New York, 5911 Eighth Avenue, where he again allegedly used a hammer, this time to break the building’s doorbell, knob and mailbox.

“Great work in keeping our communities united and safe, NYPD,” commended Councilmember Vincent Gentile on Facebook.

On Monday, November 13, during a press conference at the Beit El-Maqdis Islamic Center, Borough President Eric Adams and others discussed the incident.

“No hammer will shatter our spirit,” he said. “The glass you shatter is only a material but the human spirit has the ability to withstand any signs of hate and come together as one body of all faiths saying we stand together with this mosque, and with the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and all people of this great borough.”

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