A plethora of praise for local police as seven officers were honored as Cops of the Month

Seven 62nd Precinct police officers were in the spotlight as they were honored as Cops of the Month at the most recent meeting of the precinct’s Community Council.

During the November 21 meeting, held at the station house, 1925 Bath Avenue, Sergeant Alex Montero and Police Officers Jean Innocent and Nobin Samu were recognized for the arrest, on October 21 at about 3:20 a.m., of a suspect believed to have committed several similar burglaries.

According to Captain Anthony Longobardi, the precinct’s commanding officer, the trio — members of the Midnight Conditions team — had been “assigned to surveil a yeshiva at 1462 62nd Street which had previously been burglarized twice prior.”

While watching, he said, Innocent and Samu “saw a man exit the building by way of a side door…wearing gloves and holding a beige plastic bag.” They stopped him and, “after conducting a short term investigation…determined that the man had just committed a live burglary at the location,” taking $392. Besides the cash, the suspect, said Longobardi, also had “a pry bar, flashlight, ski mask, black gloves and heroin.”

The arrest, he concluded “also led to the closure of three other similar incidents, thus ending a boroughwide burglary pattern.”

Also honored were Police Officers Peter Orsi and Anthony Brucato, who caught a burglar “live in the act” at just after noon on Tuesday, October 24, said Longobardi, while “attempting to combat a citywide burglary pattern involving thefts from commercial vehicles” that included nine previous incidents in southwest Brooklyn, in the 62nd, 68th and 72nd Precincts.

The pair, Longobardi recounted, “observed a male in a vehicle matching the description of the SUV used in several previous crimes. They kept watching him, and “observed him approach and attempt to forcibly enter a commercial vehicle,” at which point they “jumped into action and placed the male under arrest without further incident,” he went on.

While the NYPD has not yet closed out the pattern, “There hasn’t been another incident [in the pattern] since this arrest,” Longobardi added.

Finally, Police Officers Yusuf Sezen and Louis Loria were named Cops of the Month for saving a suicidal person who was poised to jump off a third floor balcony on Wednesday, October 11 at around 5:30 p.m.

The pair “immediately established visual contact with the young woman,” said Longobardi, noting that she was “bleeding excessively from her left wrist from a self-inflicted deep laceration” and “was already more than halfway over the balcony railing attempting to jump.

“Recognizing the need for immediate action and without regard for their own personal well-being,” he continued, “Police Officers Sezen and Loria grabbed the woman and dragged her back into the apartment,” where she was held until she could be “treated by EMS personnel. Without question, the quick and decisive actions…saved the life of a young woman in desperate need of our help.”


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