BrooklynONE bringing holiday cheer to Bay Ridge, Dyker with Christmas concerts

Two days and two neighborhoods add up to double the holiday cheer.

Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge will each play host to Christmas concerts, thanks to BrooklynONE Productions, which is bringing the talent and cheer to the neighborhoods.

“We are doing one at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Dyker Heights and one at Saint Patrick’s in Bay Ridge,” said Anthony Marino, who is a founder of BrooklynONE and is also the artistic director of the shows.

Leading off is A Concert in Dyker Heights, which will take place on Friday, December 15. Marino, a Dyker native, always wanted to host a show in his neighborhood which is famous for its festive mien during Christmas.

“I live right there in the Dyker lights section so Christmas season is always a fun time,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to host a Christmas show for the Dyker lights. So we partnered up with St. Philip’s earlier this year and we did a few really successful concerts with them and it’s going to culminate with this concert. We’re encouraging people to come to the show, then after the show, take a look at the lights and walk around the neighborhood, maybe go to some of the local businesses and have a family night out.”

The following day, Saturday, December 16, Ridgeites get their turn with A Bay Ridge Christmas Concert.
“For Saint Patrick’s, we’re doing a Christmas show in Bay Ridge that is sort of a tradition for BrooklynONE,” Marino added. “We had our space at [the now-closed] St. John’s Episcopal Church and we always did something for the holidays. Now, St. Pat’s is letting us come in. It’s one of the larger venues in Bay Ridge and it’s an active parish and community. We’re keeping with our tradition as best as we can.”

Although both concerts will include the same talented singers and artists, attendees can expect different performances at each.

“For both events, we’re going to be doing your classic, tried-and-true Christmas songs and adding contemporary and modern Christmas songs from artists like Mariah Carey and Michael Buble,” he said. “For the Dyker concert, we’re going to do a big Christmas carol singalong geared towards families coming to the show and during the show at St. Pat’s, we’re looking to do a more traditional Christmas concert, with a wine-and-desserts atmosphere and more of a cabaret feel.”

Marino stressed that the shows will have distinct vibes.

“The two neighborhoods are so close to each other but you get vastly different audiences,” he said.

All the performers are local musicians and artists from the BrooklynONE ensemble.

“They’re really talented people,” Marino said.

The significance of these events is not lost on Marino and BrooklynONE.

“It’s always great to add to community events, especially during the holidays,” he explained. “I think especially in Dyker Heights, there’s so much attention thanks to the lights. So to take some of that energy and put it towards the concert gives a foundation for the activities in the area. We are giving them something they can go to and enjoy before seeing the lights. It’s the first time anyone’s tried to do that, which makes it really special.”

As for the Saint Patrick’s concert, “The fact Saint Pat’s opened the doors to us has been great,” Marino added. “ It’s going to be fun even for couples to have a great holiday date night. We’re just all excited to get everybody in that Christmas spirit.”

A Concert in Dyker Lights will take place on Friday, December 15 at 8 p.m. at St. Philip’s Parish Hall, 1072 80th Street. Tickets are $15, $10 for seniors and $7 for children. A Bay Ridge Christmas will be performed on Saturday, December 16 at St. Patrick’s Auditorium, 401 97th Street. Tickets are $20, $10 for seniors. Refreshments will be served. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit



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