Ribbon cut on office of Bay Ridge’s Hometown Properties

It was a celebratory atmosphere as the ribbon was cut on the office of Hometown Properties, 8114 Third Avenue, on Friday, December 1.

Owners Lynn Sheu and Lolita Andrade were joined by Councilmember Vincent Gentile, community members and others to celebrate the occasion.

“We’ve been here a long time and we’re happy to call Brooklyn our home. We’ve been working here for a year but this is the official grand opening of the office,” said Andrade. “I love the neighborhood. We called the company Home Town because we actually spend more time here than we spend in our own homes.”

“We are familiar with the neighborhood,” added Sheu. “I’ve been here since 1989, and I’ve been a real estate agent since 1991. Lolita has been here around the same time.”

Sheu also discussed their history together.

“Lolita and I had been very comfortable being associate brokers for years,” she said. “Going into partnership, we have the ability to provide a place where agents can meet their clients or customers and work comfortably in a people-friendly environment. After all, we know the real estate business is about people.”

Gentile, who presented Sheu and Andrade with a City Council citation, was impressed with the business and the space.

“I love it and I love the design,” he said. “It’s bright and everything looks sunny. I think they did a great job here. Even the window looks great. It used to be a small window surrounded by brick. Now, it’s a full window so it’s just an inviting place to come into. And with the type of real estate market that we have here in Bay Ridge, I think they’re going to do very well.”


They also discussed what separates them from other agencies. “The real estate business is a people business so you have to care about people first,” said Sheu. “For sellers, their homes might be their life savings and might be the only asset they have. We know how delicate the situation is and always want to handle it with special care.

“For buyers who are looking for a new place to call home, we want them to be happy and settle in comfortably. So we will always listen to what they need and try our best to satisfy them,” she continued. “As for investors, we know the numbers need to make sense. It is other people’s money that needs to be handled with special care. We carefully review the numbers and evaluate the growth potential.”

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