Ridgeite works with Bing Crosby Enterprises in release of rare tracks from the late legend

Bing Crosby fans rejoice!

Lovers of the singer-songwriter will be happy to learn that Bing Crosby Enterprises, in association with Universal Music Enterprises, has released two new CDs on Friday, December 8, both of which contain extremely rare and previously unreleased newly discovered tracks from the late legend.

Bay Ridge resident Martin McQuade, considered an “expert in all facets of Bing Crosby’s career,” served as a production assistant for both CDs, Among My Souvenirs: More Treasures from the Crosby Archive and New Tricks: 60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, and also wrote the liner notes for the latter record.

“When I was asked to write the liner notes, I was through the roof,” said McQuade, who works as a consultant with BCE, which supervises the release of Bing Crosby’s work. “Since I was a child, my father, who was a motion picture projectionist, instilled in me a love for Bing. As I listened to records of his and watched him on TV, I became enamored with him,” he continued.

McQuade explained that New Tricks has a special meaning to him, as the original album, which was released in 1957, was given to him as a child by his father for Christmas. This most recent release includes 12 bonus tracks, including nine that were previously unreleased. It features Crosby accompanied by a trio led by jazz pianist Buddy Cole.

Among My Souvenirs features a two-disc collection of 35 previously unissued tracks, including live concert recordings, radio performances and more. One of the most notable tracks, according to McQuade, is a 1968 recording of Crosby alongside one of the most famous Motown acts, Diana Ross and the Supremes. It also features a recording of Crosby whistling live at a concert at Fall River in Los Angeles.

“I heard the concert over the phone and it’s an extraordinary performance of Bing whistling live,” said McQuade. “Whistling is a tough thing to accomplish. If you make one mistake you’re out on a limb.That’s an exciting tape.”

Those wishing to purchase the CDs may do so on Amazon.com — Among My Souvenirs for $15.99 and New Tricks for $8.59.

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