Cops bust suspect for possession of heroin in Bay Ridge

Police arrested a suspect for criminal possession of a controlled substance for allegedly being in possession of heroin on Saturday, April 21 on 90th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues.

According to reports, the suspect was sitting in the passenger seat of a 2018 gray Infiniti and was blocking a fire hydrant at around 1:46 a.m. when police approached him.

Cops say that as the officers drew closer to the car, they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After the officer asked the suspect to get out, he allegedly saw him throw a plastic straw to the ground and kick it under the vehicle.

Once the officer recovered the straw, say police, he saw that there was residue and one deck of heroin stamped level nine in the seat which the suspect had vacated.

The alleged perp refused to place his hands behind his back during the arrest, flailed his arms and tried to flee the scene. After the arrest, an officer recovered 13 decks of heroin stamped level nine from the suspect’s sock.

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