Treyger hosts first annual Silent Disco on the Boardwalk

Disco fever is alive and well in Coney Island.

On Friday, May 11, Councilmember Mark Treyger and the city’s Parks Department hosted a Silent Disco on the Boardwalk.

From 7-10 p.m., near the Parachute Jump at West 17th Street, area residents were able to borrow headphones so they could listen to the music during what up Treyger called the most, “exciting and quietest Boardwalk dance party.

“The sharp dance moves and exuberant smiles left no doubt about it,” Treyger said. “The Silent Disco on the Boardwalk was quietly met with resounding approval. Based on the response, this Silent Disco could be the start of a new Coney Island tradition.”

Throughout the evening, attendees presented their dance moves from several genres.

“Tonight’s Silent Disco event was great on so many levels,” Treyger added. “Great company. Great neighborhood. Great weather. Great partnerships with agencies. Great music. No noise complaints and I danced to Cardi B/Bruno Mars ‘Finesse.”’ #Success” he wrote on his Facebook account.

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