Bay Ridge gets its summer season started with a bang thanks to annual Summer Stroll

Bay Ridge once again embraced the summer as the neighborhood kicked off the annual Summer Stroll series along Third Avenue on Friday, July 13.

As always, the party — which stretched from 68th to 80th Street from 6 to 10:30 p.m. — had something for everyone, including great food thanks to local eateries, activities for the kids, musical entertainment and more.

President of the Merchants of Third Avenue Bob Howe declared this stroll one of the group’s biggest successes yet.

“It was a fabulous start to our Summer Stroll season,” he said. “We had gorgeous weather. All of our businesses came out. All of the neighborhood came out.  Everybody thought people had left town but there are still a lot of people who either stay in town on Friday nights to enjoy the Summer Stroll or come in from wherever they are, like the breezy Jersey Shore, to see friends and neighbors on the avenue and enjoy Bay Ridge at a time where it’s nice and quiet and peaceful.”

Attendance was also at an all-time high.

“We had a little bit more than in past years,” Howe said. “People were anxious to get out, with this delayed summer, to meet with neighbors that they haven’t seen. I think we had a full house along the way.”

Howe added that the highlight of the night for many was the entertainment provided outside the Greenhouse Café.

“They had a couple of bands there,” he said. “People sort of gravitate to that area. A lot of places put out singers and deejays.”

The quickly growing tradition continues to mean a lot to the community, both for business and camaraderie.

“It means people are invested in making sure that Bay Ridge stays Bay Ridge and Third Avenue stays stable and vital and a place where people want to come to,” Howe said.

The party continues on Friday, July 20 where the stroll will take place between 80th and 90th Streets starting at 6:30 p.m.

“It should be the same successful evening that we have enjoyed for the last six years,” Howe said.

“The darker it gets, the more brightly our #SummerStrollon3rd lights shine!” read a statement Summer Stroll’s Facebook page. “What an amazing night — thanks to the thousands of folks who shared it with us. See you all again next week!”

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