Fort Hamilton marks country’s independence with annual celebration

An early celebration of the country’s independence.

On Saturday, June 30, the U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Hamilton held its annual Independence Day celebration, which included a concert featuring a diverse group of artists, food, a market, and of course, fireworks.

The fun-filled event, which was highly attended, started at around 5:30 p.m. on the base’s Taylor Sports Field.

“It was a great show,” said base spokesperson Bruce Hill. “Last year it was raining so it turned out okay this year, thankfully.”

The performers included R&B group The Best Kept Secret, Kamm Band, Raine Torae, an R & B soloist, and Latin Jazz band Heshima Moja.

Torae did a tribute to Michael Jackson since it was the ninth anniversary of his death.

“Thank you for the people who came out to enjoy the Independence Day celebration,” the Fort Hamilton Facebook page posted. “Everyone danced along with the music. This year we had awesome musicians as always. The Best Kept Secret, Heshima Moja, and Raine Torae killed this night!”

Like most years, there was a big turnout. “I know in general Fort Hamilton has a long standing partnership and relationship with Bay Ridge and beyond. It seemed as if guests came from all over,” Hill said.

“I don’t know how many people showed up but as it got later they began to pour in and it got pretty crowded. We had 3,500 that registered,” he added. “I know quite of few of them came. It was pretty packed at the end.”

The big moment was when the fireworks blazed across the night sky.

“They came around 9:30, immediately after Raine performed. It was a 20-minute fireworks show over the bay near the Verrazano Bridge. It was the highlight,” Hill said.

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