New businesses gear up for Stroll

Old favorites, like Salty Dog and Vesuvio’s, will be out in full force at this year’s Summer Stroll, but so will a few new businesses as they make spectacular displays in the streets of Third Avenue.

The first Summer Stroll is set to start Friday, July 13 at 6 p.m. Festivities for this Friday in particular include a scavenger hunt for the family and a community food drive hosted with Grandma’s Love Inc.

Stroll Coordinator Ilene Sacco said, “We hope people come out, stroll, donate, and just have fun you know.”

The pedestrian plazas, this week between 68th Street and 80th Street, are a throwback to a time where there were trolleys and ferries as opposed to buses, trains and the Verrazano Bridge amping up everyday traffic.

While there are a few big name companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s present in the ‘hood, Third Avenue is still a place where family businesses and local merchants offer their community a chance to come together every summer.

Newcomers to the block this Stroll include Patsy’s Pizzeria, Catrina’s Mexican Grill, the South Brooklyn Foundry and Piccante Italian Restaurant, among others.   

Patsy’s Pizzerias were established in 1933 by newlywed immigrants Pasquale “Patsy” and Carmella Lancieri before branching out across the city. The location at 8814 Third Avenue near 89th Street used to be Trace, a mexican restaurant that closed in 2017.  

Catrina’s, located at 7316 Third Avenue near 74th Street, used to be the LongBow Pub and Pantry. The new take on the space includes graffiti-themed decor, complete with a DJ and bar.   

Polonica’s, a Polish-American restaurant located at 7214-A Third Avenue near 72nd Street, is now Piccante, a traditional Italian place that prides itself on homemade recipes.    

Last year the South Brooklyn Foundry, located at 6909 Third Avenue near Bay Ridge Avenue, took over the famed Nordic Delicacies Deli previously run by Helene Bakke and Arlene Rutuelo. Although the closing of the deli marked the end of an era in the neighborhood, the new American eatery promises amazing spins on classic favorites.

“I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 16 years, and we’re getting a lot of love,” said Agnes Kelly, one of the Brooklyn Foundry’s owners, “We want people to know that we’re different. We think a little out of the box.”

Kelly also said they will have outside dining and a local musician to entertain patrons at the stroll.


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