Man Operating Dirt Bike in Sunset Park in Critical Condition Following Collision, Arrested for Possession of Drugs

A 22-year-old man — who was also arrested for possession of a large quantity of drugs — is in critical condition after getting into an accident while riding his dirt bike in Sunset Park.

Authorities say that on Wednesday, August 15 at around 9:30 p.m., the man, a Pennsylvania resident, was operating his dirt bike in a reckless manner at Fourth Avenue and 48th Street.

As he was performing wheelies approaching 48th Street, a driver operating an SUV collided with him while making a U-turn. The man was ejected from the bike, which came into contact with the SUV’s rear.

A police source said that, following the accident, cops found 46 glassines of heroin, 120 oxycodone tablets and three vials of ketamine in the possession of the dirt bike operator, who was arrested.

Cops said the suspect’s license had been suspended 14 times.

The operator of the SUV stayed on the scene. The operator of the dirt bike was taken to Kings County Hospital where he was listed in critical but stable condition.

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