Son Taken to Psych Ward after Allegedly Stabbing Mom, Reportedly Thought She was a Mannequin

BY Christina Carrega

The victim’s son was taken into custody by cops and taken for psychological evaluation on Weds., Nov. 7 after police found his dead 91-year-old mother inside her Gravesend home, police said.

Police received a call to a 26th Avenue address where a relative of Petrina Masotto had reported an assault. When officers arrived at the scene, Masotto was found unconscious.

Masotto’s 55-year-old son was taken into custody and transported to Coney Island Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, police said.

The son — who lives in the upstairs apartment — did not tell anyone his mother was dead for two days, police sources told the Eagle. He started to stab his mother’s leg with a knife to see if she was alive because he thought she was a mannequin, the source said.

Masotto’s cause of death will be determined by the city’s medical examiner. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

Additional reporting by Mark Mellone.

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