Adams Hosts Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Borough Hall

Starting the holiday season right in Brooklyn.

Borough President Eric Adams hosted Borough Hall’s annual Christmas tree lighting on Weds., Dec. 12 at Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza, 209 Joralemon Street.

Attendees braved the cold to savor musical performances by children, refreshments and giveaways before the lighting of the borough’s tree.

“This is an event that we really love,” Adams said. “It’s an opportunity to bring in the holiday season. My ask of you today as Brooklynites is not only to think about our immediate family but our extended family: Those who have lost loved ones, those who are going through a terrible time during this time of the year. We should look under the tree and not only have a gift for those who are a part of our immediate family but also give to those in need in homeless shelters, and in hospitals.”

That something that has been a family tradition for Adams.

“My son as a child, before opening gifts at home, we would spend time at a homeless shelter or visit one of the local hospitals, and I believe it helped him grow to be a young man that understands what it means to give back,” Adams said. “There’s something special about being in this borough where 47 percent of the people speak a language other than English at home. We are the United Nations of America and the way that we do it right ensures that the entire country can do It right.”

NYC Parks Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Martin Maher agreed.

“This is the nexus of Brooklyn which is the nexus of the world,” he said. “Like the borough president said, this is where all cultures could come together and celebrate as a Brooklyn family and give an example for the world.”

Towards the end of evening, Adams had help from a straight-A student and Girl Scout, who helped the borough president light the tree.

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