Bay Ridge Artist to Host Art Exhibit to Raise Funds for Toys for Tots

Using art to bring holiday spirit to the less fortunate in Bay Ridge.

Freelance photographer, business owner and Bay Ridge resident Tiffany Rexach is giving back to kids for the Christmas season with her event “Arts for Tots: An Art Gallery Fundraiser.”

To be held on Sat., Dec. 15 at Catch 22, 7221 Third Avenue from 2-6 p.m., the event will showcase the work of seven different artists, and three musical performance artists, with funds raised going to Toys For Tots, which sponsored by the United States Marine Corps.

Rexach was inspired at an early age to give back during the holiday season.

“When I was at Fort Hamilton High School, we did an outreach program kind of similar to the toy drive that we’re doing now,” she explained. “We collected toys around the school and neighborhood and we all dressed up as elves and Santa. We went to the community shelters and homeless shelters and we handed the toys out to kids. It really just kind of changed my view and gave me a whole different perspective.”

Now as an adult, she wants to continue to impact youngsters and make their Christmas day better.

“As a freelancer, I can understand how hard it is to be able to financially get everything together to give someone else that holiday cheer,” Rexach said. “I want to be able to keep that cycle going and bring a whole community together so that way they can feel a part of a bigger purpose.

In September, she hosted her first art event in Bay Ridge, called All Together Now, which met with great success.

“It was a risk because I didn’t know the outpour of support from the community,” Rexach said. That said, “We saw at least 100 attendees rotating at the bar. The turnout was incredible. We had three different performers. We had a great outpour of support. Everyone was buying artwork from different artists. Drinks were pouring. The owner said, I didn’t expect this turnout on a Thursday and he is very eager to do this again.”

Because of the great turnout, Rexach got the idea to use art to hold a fundraiser.

“I figured that art is universal and brings everyone together,” she explained. “What better way to bring the community together than having different people from all different walks of life come together and showcase their work for this great cause. If we had this many people come out and buy art last time, let’s help some people in the process.”

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