Skinflints Brings Smiles for the Holidays During its Horse Drawn Carriage Rides With Santa

It was a Christmas miracle in Bay Ridge.

Skinflints Restaurant, 7902 Fifth Ave., hosted a holiday party that included singing, meeting Santa and riding on a horse drawn carriage on Sun., Dec. 23.

Outside the popular eatery, a big turnout of families showed up to prep for Christmas day to meet Saint Nick and ride the carriage.

Local resident Donna Byrnes, who was an employee of Skinflints in 1977, took her grandson to the event and described it as a success.

“My grandson Bryan Rumfelt and I truly enjoyed taking a ride around the block with Santa,” she said. “My grandson raised the money for Houston Texas was asking Santa what kind of cookies were his favorite. Santa said double chocolate, Bryan smiled and began singing Christmas carols and we waved to everyone we passed.”

She also said it was great to have the holiday activity, sponsored by Super Roofer.

“We were so excited that Skinflints started up the tradition again with the horse & carriage ride,” she explained. “Santa, (co-owner) Gerard (Bell) and Billy (Gardella) are truly our hero’s this year for giving Bay Ridge the Christmas spirit back. I also spoke with the driver’s brother who said how happy they were to be back in Bay Ridge during the Christmas season.”

Rumfelt also expressed the fun time he had.  “I got to ride on a horse and carriage, and talked to Santa,” he said, also adding he would attend next year. “It was amazing.”

The crowd was also sizable.

“The list was so long of children waiting to ride around the block with Santa,” she said. It was cold outside but we loved waiting there because each time Santa came around we all screamed and yelled and waved. When it was our turn we were honored and thrilled.”


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