Cops Collar One at Bath Beach Massage Parlor

Cops from the 62nd Precinct have arrested one person at a Bath Beach massage parlor.

On Weds., Jan. 2, alerted by windows taped over with something to prevent those outside from seeing in, members of the precinct paid Jin Feng Beauty Spa at 11 Bay 22nd St. a visit around 9:20 p.m.

As a result, one woman working there was arrested and charge with unauthorized practice of a profession, according to a police source, who said the individual arrested had no license to practice massage.

“It looked very shady,” the source told this paper.

The spot had just opened up, according to the source, who said it was closed last night, but added that cops would pay a return visit to it in a couple of days to check up on it.

The arrest, the precinct said via Twitter, was made by a team of Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) as part of a new neighborhood policing system inspired by the old beat cop.

This is hardly the first time the precinct has cracked down on illegal massage parlors in the neighborhood.

In 2017 and 2018, a series of stings by the precinct — spurred initially by community complaints about the activities at the various locations — led to numerous arrests at dozens of massage parlors operating illegally in its border.


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