Council Speaker Surveys Straphangers at Bay Ridge Station, Pushes for Municipal Control of Transit System

Council Speaker Corey Johnson wants to fight data with data.

The pol joined Councilmember Justin Brannan inside the infamous R train’s 77th Street subway station during the evening rush on Tues., Jan. 8 to call for municipal control of the subways while also fetching rider feedback.

“What we hear on a regular basis is the data and statistics from the MTA [about things such as] delays, on-time improvements, and what the other numbers are,” said Johnson, who, in the next two months, plans to unveil a comprehensive plan to strengthen subway service citywide, “but what we really want to hear is from straphangers and from riders. What’s their perspective?”

And so, members of Johnson’s staff joined the two pols in handing out leaflets about the survey – available online through Friday – and in encouraging straphangers to take a second to fill out the 14-point questionnaire in live time on a tablet.

Queries touched on everything from delays and frequency to comfort, communication and the MTA’s proposed fare hike.

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