Reaching-Out to bring back its annual fundraising dinner

In its efforts to raise funds for those in need, Reaching-Out Community Services, 7708 New Utrecht Avenue, will be hosting its milestone 10th Dinner Benefit for the Fight Against Hunger.

The fun-filled event is slated to take place at the Rex Manor, 1100 60th Street, on Thurs., Apr. 11 and will include food, music, dancing, gift auction, 50/50, raffles and more.

“We are hoping that it will be a success in the sense of the purpose of it — fundraiser,” founder Tom Neve said. “Everything else we do throughout the years is always to give, but sometimes in order to give, you need to receive. If we can get people in our community to keep the good going and attend, that would be a beautiful thing.”

Last year marked the first time Reaching-Out didn’t host its dance.

“We skipped it because the effort was greater than the return,” Neve said. In addition, he stressed, “There was a lot going on. We were overwhelmed with the increase of people needing our services. And we just didn’t have the time.”

This year, there will be three honorees. Superintendent of the Year Award will go to Karina Costantino, District 20 superintendent. Editor of the Year Award will be awarded to Ed Wilkinson, editor of The Tablet, and the Good Samaritan Award will go to Charlie Losiriu of J.L. HVAC Inc.

“We honor people because we love what they do for the community,” Neve said.

He told this paper that he hopes the turnout will be bigger than in past years.

“Maybe one day I’ll cry when I walk into a room that has 300 people instead of 90,” Neve said, citing a benefit in Illinois for the fight against hunger. “They raised $46,000 and they just served bread and water. Everyone that went didn’t go for themselves. I wish that would be like that in New York.”

For this year’s event, tickets are $100. A discounted table of 10 is $925.

Because the target is food insecurity, a large turnout, Neve stressed, can help “Make the wrong become right.”

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