St. Athanasius Feast and Bazaar brings back local fun

Everyone loves a bazaar.

St. Athanasius Church held its annual Feast and Bazaar, which included food, games, rides, shopping and more, at 61st Street and Bay Parkway from June 5-10.

The tradition brings locals young and old to enjoy some old-school Brooklyn fun.

“Everybody looks forward to it because it’s a sign that summer is here,” said Monsignor David Cassato. “It’s Brooklyn like it used to be before everything got so complicated in life. This is still a brooklyn experience of your youth, old time parish life.”

Grace Imbriale, who has been a part of the parish for many decades, added that the bazaar has a positive impact on the neighborhood.

“The rides always go beautifully and we had food there,” she said. “What goes the best in my opinion is the flea market. People love it. It brings a lot of the community together.”

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