Crossroads Christian Church launches its first art exhibition

BAY RIDGE — On Saturday, Sept. 28, the Crossroads Christian Church will be presenting its first-ever art exhibition featuring the artwork of noted artist Smrita Jain. The exhibit will take place at the church’s community center at 6921 Fourth Avenue from 5 to 7 p.m.

“This is my solo exhibition and the church’s first-ever launch of an art exhibition,” Jain told this paper.

Over the years, the church has encouraged an environment where people can participate as much or as little as they want. “There are a variety of ways that people interact with music and teaching through growth groups, and now it is making its first steps into the field of creative and fine arts,” said Jain.

Crossroads Christian Church community center is used as office space for the staff members, and serves as a place for growth groups, seminars and prayer meetings that are planned well in advance every week.

Yellow bird perched on branch.

According to Jain, exhibitions like this help further the ministry of the church by “growing God’s people spiritually and artistically and reaching out to others to show them God’s love.”

The exhibition, “A place I call, home” includes Jain’s personal work that she created while living in Jersey City before moving to Brooklyn two years ago.

This is her first solo exhibition in Bay Ridge where she is currently based. Prior to this, Jain exhibited in Delhi, India as well as London.

This exhibition consists of works ranging from watercolors to acrylics, mixed media and photography, including black and white photography. All pieces are framed and ready to find “their own forever home.” Additionally, they are all drawn from nature, which is Jain’s biggest inspiration.

Jain’s works will be on sale at the exhibition and 100 percent of the profits will be donated to the church.

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