Bensonhurst home spreads Halloween cheer with spooky decorations

BENSONHURST — Halloween is a bit more festive at one Bensonhurst home.

Each year, Brandon Policastro and the Basile family transform the outside of their home on 63rd Street between 17th and 18th Avenues into a Halloween-themed extravaganza.

Locals can find such frightening fan favorites as Michael Myers from “Halloween” and Pennywise from “It.” A sign that reads Haunted Estates greets visitors.

While Policastro and the Basiles have been decorating for many years, “The last four years we have been really going all out and we’ve been making it really special and worthwhile, not just for us but for the community and the children in Bensonhurst,” said Policastro. 

Among the highlights setting the mood are orange lights, cobwebs and a scarecrow.

“We love to decorate for Halloween because we love to see people come to the area to check out our decorations. It makes the neighborhood family-friendly,” he said. “We also love to see the kids smile and have fun. There’s nothing wrong with a little scare every once in a while.”  

The attraction has a local feel to it, Policastro stressed.

“Our neighbors who have young children [stop by]. We sit by our stoop, hang out and talk with our neighbors while others are freaked out and are taking pictures,” he said. “My favorite decoration piece is the Michael Myers. Mike Basile and I built it ourselves. It was a lot of work but we love to challenge ourselves. This piece probably gets the most attention as it moves and plays his famous music from the movie.”

Local pride is another reason why Policastro and company decorate the home.

“What makes Halloween exciting are the reactions we receive. The Halloween decorations really bring a good energy to the block,” he said.

He also decorates for Christmas, but at his father Vinny Policastro’s home on 60th Street between 17th and 18th Avenues.

“At that house, we go all out for Christmas and do lots of work, just as big as Halloween,” he said.

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