Don’t hold it against us, but “The Grudgening” is a new comedy about holding grudges

BOROUGHWIDE — If you’ve ever held a grudge against someone (and who hasn’t) there’s a new play that you might enjoy. “The Grudgening: A Comedy Show About (not) Burying the Hatchet,” from, will be presented on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. at a secret Brooklyn location that you will only learn upon reserving a seat.

“What better way to spend the holiday season than by rehashing and dredging up a long-harbored grudge,” said Associate Producer Marybess Pritchett. “That’s right, anything that’s rubbed you the wrong way or wronged you in the right way is fair game.”

Pritchett continued, “Got any grudges against historical figures that lived and died 200 years before you were born? Have you ever felt personally slighted by an entire sports franchise? If so, this show is just what you’ve been looking for. It’s packed with performers telling stories and jokes about grudges of every kind, from the mundane and irrational to the petty and unwarranted,” added Pritchett.

The cast includes Eitan Levin (Elite Daily), Lizzie Logan (McSweeney’s), Anita Flores (BuzzFeed), Ian Goldstein (The New Yorker) and Malia Griggs (The Daily Beast). The show is hosted by comedian Andrew Doscas (PopMatters).

Doscas also created the show. “It’s the intersection of catharsis and comedy, or more likely, one’s a vehicle for the other,” Doscas told this paper.

“The show’s a fun way for people to be brutally funny about the things that’ve done them dirty. Being an Aries and Greek, I’m about four times as good at holding grudges as the average person. So what better time to make light of personal grudges against Captain Planet and the New York Jets (just to name a few) than the holidays?”

Promotional illustration for ‘The Grudgening”

Levin also views the play as a cathartic experience. “Everybody has grudges. If you don’t have a deep-seated grudge then you aren’t a human,” said Levin.

Cast member Flores takes it a step further by admitting she enjoys holding grudges. “I love holding grudges. The best part of my grudges is the revenge fantasies that follow,” she explained. “I dream of being the one to interview my enemy for their dream job. They enter the boardroom, and there I am wearing a cream colored suit, resume in hand, ready to destroy their dreams. It’s okay. I’m in therapy!”

Goldstein also admitted he begrudgingly holds grudges. “I like to pretend I don’t hold grudges, but then when I run into, or even think about, someone from high school, I realize I have many. I’m assuming most of us have at least two grudges we’re holding onto right now,” he added.

“The Grudgening” will be performed on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. at a private Brooklyn location. Tickets are $7. To RSVP go to:

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