Six firefighters injured in Sunset Park warehouse blaze

SUNSET PARK — A fire inside a one-story warehouse in Sunset Park today left several firefighters injured.

According to the FDNY,  at around 8:57 a.m., the fire broke out inside the building at 45th Street and Fourth Avenue. It was designated a four-alarm fire, and 39 units and 168 fire and EMS personnel responded.

Six firefighters sustained injuries, all considered to be minor.

At 2:17 p.m. FDNY stated via Twitter that the fire was under control. 

The fire affected two nearby schools, one of which was evacuated because of smoke.

Photo courtesy of FDNY

Delines Rodriguez, principal of LEEP Dual Language Academy, 5323 Fifth Ave., used social media to let parents know what was going on.

“Dear LEEP Academy families, At about 10am this morning, we detected a smoke smell coming from a first-grade classroom facing Fifth Avenue,” he wrote on Facebook. “Following our safety procedures, the first-grade students were moved to the second floor as a partial, internal evacuation. The fire department was notified. Officials determined that the smell was coming from a fire several blocks away, and cleared the classrooms for students to return after the smell cleared. I’d like to commend our students and staff for being orderly and attentive during today’s action.”

Maria Roca of Friends of Sunset Park added on Facebook that students at P.S. 1K, 309 47th St., were evacuated due to smoke conditions.

The school let parents know via Facebook where they could pick their children up.

The cause of the fire has not been identified and is under investigation.

Photo courtesy of FDNY

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