Police apprehend nude hit-and-run suspect in Bay Ridge

BAY RIDGE — Police pursued and apprehended a naked young man following a hit-and-run incident on 79th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Bay Ridge just before noon on Friday, Jan. 3.

Police cars, ambulances and first responders were at the scene as police officers from the 68th Precinct gave chase to the perpetrator during a car stop during which he struck a police vehicle and then attempted to flee the scene on foot.

Additional officers were called in to help apprehend the suspect, who was initially dressed in white before he took off his shoes and removed his clothing while running from the police. Police reported that the suspect dropped his boots and hoodie in a yard while fleeing.

Two officers suffered minor cuts and injuries to their hands while in pursuit of the suspect and were treated at the scene by EMS. The police caught the bare lawbreaker shortly after 12 p.m. hiding in a rear yard.

ebrooklyn media/Photos by John Alexander
Police officers suffer minor hand injuries while in pursuit of the suspect.

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