Rose gives statement on arrival of USNS Comfort

BAY RIDGE — U.S. Rep. Max Rose provided a statement on the USNS Comfort arriving in New York Harbor to assist in the response to the coronavirus on Monday, March 30.

“It’s a beautiful sight for us all to see the USNS Comfort arriving in New York City today giving the clear message to all New Yorkers that reinforcements are arriving,” he said. “I thank the President and Governor for hearing my call and parting the seas to get this ship, and its thousand beds, deployed up here ahead of schedule. We need all the help we can get.”

Photo by Tom Hilton

Earlier this month, Rose led a letter with fellow New York congressmembers in calling for President Trump to deploy a Naval hospital ship to New York City.

Days later, it was announced that the USNS Comfort would be deployed to New York City.

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