BWAC in Red Hook Introduces New Exhibits for Fall Season

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) is bringing new seasonal exhibits to celebrate Hispanic culture, as well as other art at 481 Van Brunt St. in Red Hook on weekends until Nov. 19.

In “Amor Eterno,” the art exhibit pays homage to the Mexican and Aztec tradition of the Day of the Dead. It combines a community altar with artwork celebrating Latino and Hispanic heritage.

Art from the Amore Eterno exhibit. Photos courtesy of BWAC

According to BWAC, “Artists have captured the reality of death and the celebration of life in a vibrant art exhibit.”

“Raices,” also known as “Roots,” is a presentation of the artistic and cultural traditions of Hispanic, Caribbean and Latin American nations. It contains more than 300 works of art, which include all artistic mediums as well as traditional art forms.

Art from the Raices exhibit. Photos courtesy of BWAC

The “Red, Yellow, Orange” exhibit is a blend of music and art that tells a love story through animation and rock music.

Art from the Red, Yellow, Orange exhibit. Photos courtesy of BWAC

“Living in the Northeast, the colors red, yellow and orange immediately call to mind fall foliage,” said BWAC in a statement. “This direct connection to the colors in nature and the fall season is well represented throughout art history as well. Yet, red, yellow and orange have been employed by the hands of artists for a variety of evocative purposes.”

Art from the Red, Yellow, Orange exhibit. Photos courtesy of BWAC

In addition to these exhibitions, the Brooklyn Watercolor Society will feature select works highlighting the art and its techniques.

The exhibitions at BWAC are open on weekends from 1-6 p.m. until Nov.19.

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