On the Avenue: Irish step-dancers delight at St. Pat’s parade grandstand

Oh, Danny boy!

Grand Marshal Daniel Flynn led his deputies — Marianne Curran-Fezza, James Hart, Tressa Deady-Kabbez, Michael Fitzpatrick, Karen Prizzi, Will Gillen, Karen Puckhaber, Michael Lennon and Thomas McDonagh — up Third Avenue on Sunday, March 24 as the 29th annual Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade stepped off to great merriment.

Honorary Irish Persons of the Year Joe and Janice Martinez followed closely behind, and members of the Coughlin Family rode atop a festive float as the parade’s “Irish Family of the Year.”

The parade once again stepped off without a hitch thanks to the efforts of Parade Committee President Rich O’Mara and Parade Formation Coordinator Chip Cafiero.

Parade Committee President Rich O’Mara (left) and Parade Formation Coordinator Chip Cafiero made sure that everyone stepped off on time.

“There are always last-minute things to troubleshoot and finalize on parade day, but thankfully the weather held up and everyone was able to step off on time and in the right order,” Cafiero said.

Huge crowds gathered “on the avenue” at the reviewing grandstand in front of Greenhouse Café, 7717 Third Ave., where they enjoyed performances by marching bands and Irish step-dancers from Donny Golden School of Irish Dance, O’Malley Irish Dance Academy and Buckley School of Irish Dance.

Youngsters braved the cool weather under a shamrock blanket.

Parade emcees Peter Clavin and Parade Committee Vice President John Bennett announced all the groups and individuals as they approached the crowd.

For a look at some of the talented dancers from Donny Golden School performing at the grandstand, click here!

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