Cops padlock another pot shop

A Bay Ridge smoke shop was closed by the New York Sheriff’s Joint Compliance Task Force May 15 for allegedly selling weed.

One Piece Convenience on Third Avenue and 93rd Street was issued a notice of order of closure, citing unlicensed sale of cannabis and/or cannabis products in the store.

The sign posted on the store said that the business posed an imminent threat to public health, safety and welfare and had been ordered closed and padlocked.

It also said reentry is prohibited while the order of closure is in effect.

One Piece Convenience was issued a notice of order of closure. Photos by John Quaglione

The closure comes weeks after the start of Operation Padlock to Protect. The initiative established formal rules allowing the New York City’s Sheriff Office — along with other local law enforcement agencies — to padlock smoke and cannabis shops operating without a license.

It gives law enforcement the ability to inspect smoke and cannabis shops and padlock those caught unlawfully selling cannabis.

Earlier this month, officers and the task force raided Gelato on 86th Street near Third Avenue for selling cannabis. 

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