Coney Island — Cops search suspect who beat 19-year-old with metal bat in Coney Island

Sunset Park — Cops seek straphanger who beat man on R train near 36th Street station

Sunset Park — Sunset man arresting for tasing 62-year-old

Bensonhurst — Bensonhurst husband arrested for throwing trash can at wife

Borough Park — Boro Park rapist sentenced to 20 years in prison

Sunset Park — Two perps assault woman in Sunset

Sunset Park — Woman beat with umbrella inside Sunset deli

Coney Island — Cops seek four suspects involved in Coney Island assault

— Man slashed by crooks after boarding Stillwell Avenue N Train

Sunset Park — Woman gets part of her lip bitten off in vicious Sunset Park assault

Sunset Park — Man shot in the foot after Sunset Park assault

Bay Ridge — Man skips out on cab fare after assaulting driver in Bay Ridge