Long Island College Hospital

Brooklyn Heights — LICH is just one battle in the war to save Brooklyn hospitals, say protestors

Brooklyn Heights — Call to #saveLICH show no sign of slowing down despite mounting obstacles

Brooklyn Heights — #saveLICH rally in Midtown leaves at least 15 arrested, including politicians

Brooklyn Heights — Judges appoint mediator in LICH dispute, orders SUNY Downstate to detail LICH’s assets

Brooklyn Heights — LICH ER is no longer accepting patients; SUNY Downstate in violation of court order

Brooklyn Heights — BREAKING: LICH emergency room may close tomorrow, Thursday, June 20

Cobble Hill — LICH nurses to protest state proposal to turn Brooklyn hospitals over to Wall Street

Brooklyn Heights — Atlantic Frantic fundraiser supports effort to pay legal fees to save LICH

Cobble Hill — SUNY plans to create Brooklyn hospital network; cede management of LICH

Brooklyn Heights — LICH staff are reportedly jumping ship amid the hospital’s uncertain future

Cobble Hill — LICH closure proposal withdrawn by SUNY Downstate

Cobble Hill — Emergency vigil tonight to support LICH psychiatric unit