Bay Ridge — Man taken into custody following Bay Ridge subway attack, charged with larceny and possession of stolen property

Bay Ridge — Suspect arrested and charged in Bay Ridge attempted rape case

Bay Ridge — Good Samaritan Stops Attempted Rape in Bay Ridge Alleyway, Cops Now Seeking Suspect

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Bed-Stuy sex offender sentenced for 2016 rape near Bushwick subway station

Sea Gate — Seagate man faces life in prison for raping ex, slitting her friend’s throat with child in the other room

— Woman fights off attempted rapist on Bath Beach street, cops still seeking suspect

— South Brooklyn Narcotics officers accused of raping teen resign prior to NYPD trial

Bay Ridge — Pair of detectives indicted for alleged rape of teenage girl in police custody

Borough Park — Boro Park rapist sentenced to 20 years in prison

Bensonhurst — Cops seeking suspect in attempted rape on Bay Parkway

Brighton Beach — Man sentenced to 115 years for raping elderly woman inside her Brighton Beach home

Sunset Park — Cops: Woman raped by cab driver over the weekend in Sunset Park