Verrazano Rotary Club makes a fashion statement

A record 440 guests showed up at an event held by a localbusinesspeople’s group.

The crowd gathered for the February 10 fur fashion show hostedby the Rotary Club of Verrazano. This was the group’s 16th suchevent, held at Gargiulo’s Restaurant, to showcase women’s, men’sand children’s furs by Hyman Kersner and Son, Inc. of Brooklyn,with music by Five Star DJ Entertainment.

The evening’s theme was Reach for the stars, help make adifference, according to the group’s President, Vincent Nativo,and each of the guests was a winner whether they won a basket orleft the event empty-handed, as their financial support will have apositive impact on so many families.

The proceeds from the fundraiser will enable the VerrazanoRotary to assist many organizations such as Gift of Life Italy inNew York which assists children with congenital heart disease inneed of life-saving surgery, and their families.

The proceeds will also help numerous local groups includingtroops at the Fort Hamilton Garrison Base who receive turkeysduring Thanksgiving and gifts for their children at Christmas, aswell as the River Fund organization which feeds the hungry at theConey Island Boardwalk on a weekly basis, HeartShare Human Servicesand many other local organizations.

The Rotary Club of Verrazano is an organization made up of localbusinesspeople who enjoy raising money to help the needy.

They meet at Gargiulo’s Restaurant every Wednesday night at 7:30p.m..

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