Etiquette Boss: Placing your cards right


’Tis the happiest season …one of goodwill, feasting and enjoying the giving and receiving of gifts. Though the internet has replaced many functions, it cannot replace the pleasure of receiving a beautiful Christmas card, especially if a check is included. Some things do not have the same emotional impact when sent through a computer screen.

This is the time to check whether you are inserting your card correctly in its envelope. For the best visual effect, the front of the card should be the first thing the recipient sees when it is opened.

Most people will hold the envelope with their left hand and pull the card up with their right, so insert fold first with the front of the card facing the back of the envelope. If you insert the card with the fold to the top, there is the risk of damaging the card if it is opened with a letter opener.

Fold down also helps to ensure that any checks, photographs or other enclosures comes out with the card and do not get left in the envelope by accident and thrown away.

There is also the other consideration of the card being processed through the post office when the embellishments on the front of the card are placed to the back


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Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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