83rd Precinct Community Council meeting recap

By Anthony Giudice

Tuesday night’s 83rd Precinct Community Council meeting in Bushwick featured a visit by the new NYPD Patrol Borough Brooklyn North chief and a report on a recent crime drop.

Deputy Chief Jeffrey Maddrey took over for Chief Gerald Nelson who retired from the position on Feb. 13 after 41 years of service to the Bushwick community.

Deputy Inspector Maximo Tolentino, the 83rd Precinct’s commanding officer, introduced Chief Maddrey to the council to a round of applause. Maddrey went on to list his credentials to the council and what the community can expect from him, and what he expects from the community.

Maddrey previously served as commander of Brooklyn North Housing Bureau and the 73rd and 75th precinct, and held many other positions within the NYPD.

“I want you to hold me accountable,” Maddrey told those in attendance.

He wants the community to be open with him and reach out to him so he can better do his job.

“I need some homework … you have to give some form of direction so we can give you the proper service,” he said.

“As I go along my journey in Brooklyn North, I’m going to demand my cops treat everyone in here with respect … but I’m demanding the same thing from everyone. I need you to treat the cops with respect.”

Crime report

During the previous 28-day period, Tolentino reported, the 83rd Precinct is down from 126 crimes compared to 152, for a 17.1 percent decrease in total crimes.

“We are down in burglaries, we are down in grand larcenies, we are down in [auto thefts],” Tolentino said.

For the year-to-date, the 83rd precinct is down in total crime compared to 2014.

Although things are going well, Tolentino did mention that he and his officers can work on improving DWI arrests and arrests for people driving with suspended licences.

Another area of concern for Tolentino is graffiti. Recent graffiti cleanups have proven successful, but some of the previously cleaned locations are getting re-tagged.

“We are going to have to find a better solution to our problem,” Tolentino said.

Cops of the month

Two police officers were honored as Cops of the Month for recently cuffing a gun-toting suspect.

Police Officers Ryan Giuffre and Eddie Fackler of the Conditions Team arrested a male suspect after he was observed with a handgun on Wilson Avenue on Feb. 12.

The arrested man was a known drug dealer and admitted he was going to commit a robbery in the area.

“This is how we reduce crime,” Tolentino said. “When they go out and pick up the individuals with the guns just about to commit a crime, and stop it before it happens, that’s fantastic police work.”

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