Cop of the Month honored for arresting perp on robbery and weapon charges

Police Officer Myles McKenna was awarded April’s Cop of Month honors during the May 72nd Precinct Community Council Meeting for making an arrest in connection to a robbery after one of the perps tossed his gun onto the roof of a building adjacent to a Sunset Park church.

On Saturday, April 4th at approximately 7:45 pm, a victim was being robbed by three men while sitting inside a Subway restaurant on Fourth Avenue and 24th Street. “One of the perpetrators displayed a firearm and demanded money,” said Captain Tommy Ng. “His property was taken and eventually someone called 911.”

Police Officers Ronnie Rodriguez and McKenna, both in plain clothes, searched for the remaining two suspects along Fifth Avenue where they spotted a second suspect riding a bicycle, along Fifth Avenue, heading towards them.

McKenna exited the car to try and make the arrest. However, when he saw the officers, the perp dropped his bicycle and fled on foot east bound on 19th Street. As the suspect attempted to flee the scene, he threw a .22 caliber Beretta onto the roof of Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Church, near 19th Street and Fifth Avenue. Shortly after, McKenna apprehended him. The firearm was found on the roof of the church.

“Sometimes you get in difficult situations that you have no choice but to do the police work,” Ng added. “Officer Mckenna cuffed him. No one got hurt and the firearm was recovered. The gun was loaded. The perp had one prior robbery arrest and is out on a $30,000 bail.”

McKenna was pleased to receive the award for keeping the neighborhood safe. “It’s great to do something for such a great community,” he said. “The 72 is a fantastic precinct to work for because the people who live in the neighborhood, whether it’s the businesspeople or the residents, make it worthwhile to come to work. The cops here, every day we go out to help people and make this a better neighborhood and bring a lot of recognition to the men and women I work with.”


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