Crime rates down in the 83rd Precinct

More guns are off the streets of Bushwick this year, the 83rd Precinct’s commander reported to members of the 83rd Precinct Community Council on May 19.

“We have taken out of the street a total of 30 handguns compared to 18 last year,” said Deputy Inspector Max Tolentino. The news came a day after a deadly shooting on Park Street in Bushwick; prior to that incident, there had been only one shooting incident within the 83rd Precinct.

“I think we’re glad up to this point where we are. And I think Bushwick can still move ahead this year and have a year that’s compared to none,” Tolentino continued. “A good year involving reductions and involving good community relationships here with the precinct.”

For the 28-day period, the precinct is down 12 stolen cars, compared to 13 from last year. There have been an even number of grand larcenies this year versus last with 36.

“Year-to-date crime is down in every category,” Tolentino said. “We’re actually down 570 crimes versus 638, so 68 less victims of crimes this year in comparison to last year.”

Grand larcenies have been an area of concern for the 83rd Precinct. 11 of the grand larceny incidents involved property that was stolen off the victim’s body, while in 13 of the 36 cases, the victims left their property unattended and someone walked off with it.

Two police officers from the 83rd Precinct were honored at the meeting as this Cops of the Month for making a recent drug bust.

On March 2, Police Officers Mark Amundson and Peter Rubin requested and executed a search warrant on an individual’s house. In the house the officers found large amounts of cocaine, marijuana, currency and a firearm.

“It’s these types of investigations lead by investigative officers developing intelligence that will result in positive outcomes,” Tolentino said.

The Cop of the Month plaque is donated by the Ridgewood Times.

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