Etiquette Boss: Teen etiquette — escorting a young lady

Contrary to popular belief, I have found teenage boys to be quite eager to learn anything that would make them look better in the eyes of their female peers. They are often unsure about what is the correct thing to do in many situations, so I would like to give them some tips on a very simple matter: offering an arm to a lady in social situations.

The first rule is never to grasp her arm for any reason except danger. An arm is always offered. How does a young man know when to offer his arm without looking as though he took a step back in time? If she is in her prom gown and about to descend a stair, it is quite proper to go two steps ahead of her and offer an open palm.

Indoors, a young man offers his left arm, if there is a procession in which they enter a room together. She holds his upper arm as opposed to the casual linking of arms. When they are outdoors, however, he offers his right arm if he has to help her descend a curb or for any other obvious reason, as this is the traditional position that places him on the “street side.” She will place her hand in his if she so chooses.

When they are both crossing a very busy or dangerous street, or if they are in a crowd where the possibility of being separated is real, he extends his arm for her to grasp.

Please note that these rules do not apply to business situations, where ‘gender neutrality’ is the accepted code of conduct.


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Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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