Etiquette Boss: Guide to dining Utensils

When purchasing anything made of stainless steel, look for 18/10 composition and you can be assured that it is satisfactory in long term appearance and performance. This ranges from cooking pots to flatware.

We need to attend to our comfort in the little things we use daily such as the texture of our knives and forks. Flatware impacts our meal enjoyment as much as fine porcelain plates. Cheap flatware, better known as 18/0 flatware, has a distinctly different feel in the mouth compared to a piece of 18/10 flatware.

If there is an 18/10 mark on a pot or spoon, it means that the item is made of 18 parts chromium and 10 parts nickel. An 18/0 mark on the box means that the contents are made of 18 parts chromium, but 0 parts nickel. Tin and other cheaper metals are used in production.

The edge of an 18/0 spoon is thin and sharp as it enters the mouth, and will bend if pressure is applied to cut frozen ice cream. A pot will burn the food quickly. Both items will quickly become dull. The best flatware set (in the affordable category) is that which is marked ‘18/10’ or ‘18/8 stainless steel’ on the box. The nickel helps to prevent scratches, gives that smooth feel, and deep glossy look that will last for years. Of course, sterling silver flatware would be the preferred choice of those with very deep pockets.

Anti Aging Tips:

Have you started many anti-aging tips or remedies, only to drop them after two or three weeks? Does your bathroom look like a cosmetic counter at Macy’s — filled with tubes and bottles that are half or quarter finished? You are not alone.

Looking our best is a trial and error process. To boost the lotions and potions, we must exercise. To strengthen your neck and reduce neck wrinkles, slowly turn your head to look over the right shoulder and bring your head back to center. Stop. Look slowly over the right shoulder and bring your head back to center. Repeat five times.

Next, look up slowly as far as you can see in the ceiling. Slowly bring your head to almost touching your chin. Repeat five times. No jerky moves. This exercise will strengthen your neck muscles and tone the neck if it is done every day. Stop at the first sign of discomfort.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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