Etiquette Boss: Restaurant Etiquette Quiz

Occasionally I like to give a quiz to test my readers etiquette proficiency. Bay Ridge has many restaurants and they are well attended, so let us test our restaurant etiquette with this brief quiz:

1: What does ‘A la carte’ on a menu mean?
2: When your dessert is accompanied with a spoon and fork, which utensil do you use for eating?
3: Who orders the wine when I am dining with others at a restaurant?
4: Should I pick up a knife or fork that has fallen to the floor?
5: What is the correct way to place crackers in my soup?
6: What should I do first if my food is too hot to swallow?’
7: What is the “three finger” rule?
8: What is the correct manner of eating bread with pasta sauce?
9: When the napkin is placed on a bread plate, which one should you place on your lap?
10: What is the best way to pay the bill for a guest without a “bill grabbing” session at the end of the meal?

(1) Each item on the plate is priced separately. (2) The spoon is used for eating. The fork is used to push the dessert into the spoon. The same method applies in cultures that eat all food with a spoon. (3) The person who is paying the tab should order any bottled wine. (4) It should be left under the table and another requested. (5) Break crackers; do not crumble. (6) A sip of water/beverage immediately cools the heat. (7) Pick grapes, candy, cookies, etc. with three fingers. It prevents ‘grabbing’ with all five fingers. (8) Pasta sauce should be sopped and not wiped with the bread. (9) The napkin to your left, as the bread plate to your left belongs to you. (10) Excuse yourself from the table as if going to the bathroom (after ordering dessert) and pay the bill before it is brought to the table. A credit card can also be lodged before the meal; sign and collect during dessert.

Anti Aging Tips: Plump Lips

With your mouth lightly closed, vibrate your lips together while making a humming sound for 10 seconds or even longer if you can. Babies naturally do this exercise when they are learning to speak. Repeat the vibration until you feel a tingly sensation. This exercise will also help the vertical lines at the top lip if it is done every day. Apply petroleum jelly before exercising.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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