Brooklyn gang member gets 15 years for rape/robbery

A Brooklyn gang member has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for a violent home invasion in which he and three others robbed and raped a woman, announced District Attorney Ken Thompson on Thursday, November 12.

According to trial testimony, on the afternoon of January 30, 2012, Crown Heights resident Derrin Dyson—now 21—and three other accomplices (all members of the Brower Boys gang who had previously pled guilty to this crime) used a cohort’s home to gain access to the roof of a Bed-Stuy building and subsequently, an apartment in an adjoining building.

Photo courtesy of District Attorney Ken Thompson's office
Photo courtesy of District Attorney Ken Thompson’s office

Once inside, the gang blindfolded two occupants, tied their hands behind their backs and placed the man in the bathroom and the woman on the bed in her bedroom. Dyson then demanded PIN numbers of the victims’ debit and credit cards, left the apartment and withdrew more than $1,000 from the woman’s account.

When he returned, he is said to have orally sodomized the woman while she was tied up, holding a gun to her head, after two of his accomplices had already taken a turn.

“This defendant and other gang members broke into a home, terrorized and brutalized the occupants, and repeatedly sexually assaulted an innocent woman at gunpoint while she was tied up and blindfolded,” said Thompson. “This sentence, which will run consecutively with an earlier 10-year sentence given to the defendant, reflects the horrendous and vile criminal acts that he committed and will serve to protect society from this dangerous and violent criminal.”

Dyson – who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence on an unrelated robbery and conspiracy charge to which he plead guilty in July – will face a total imprisonment of 25 years.

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