Etiquette Boss: Holiday party etiquette

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. May we see “peace on earth and goodwill toward men” in our lifetime.

Please remember to mind your etiquette p’s and q’s at your Christmas staff party or other holiday functions.

Most parties serve buffet style for ease and cost-effectiveness. Please mind the amount of food you heap on one plate. Food should not encroach on the rim of the plate. It is better to go for seconds than to heap the plate until it spills over from the center of the plate to its rim.

At holiday parties, it is unwise to consume more than two glasses of wine (if you consume alcohol). Moderation is key when eating and drinking, especially at business functions. Avoid hard liquor completely at office parties. This is another pitfall that wrecks many careers. If you are pouring, please remember that you pour a little more than half the glass for white wine and a little less than half the glass for red wine.

If at a private party, and food is offered by the host in “take home boxes,” by all means take a box, but do not ask for a take home box if you are leaving early. Hosts are always afraid that late-comers might not be accommodated because no food is left by the time they arrive.

BEAUTY TIPS: Especially For The Holidays

There are so many parties to attend at this time of year, that many of us get home late and have to get to the office early the next morning. We still want to look our best, so here is a quick tip to lessen those puffy eyelids.

Sleep propped up on two or three pillows to help prevent fluids from pooling in your eye area. Soak cotton balls in water, flatten them with your fingers, and keep them in the freezer on wax paper. Lie for 10 minutes and flatten them over your closed eyes. Drink an extra glass or two of water if you have consumed a lot of salty food. It will help to flush some of the extra sodium that causes puffiness out of your body.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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