Etiquette Boss: Wardrobe etiquette

At this time of year, more than any other, gifts are bought across gender lines; as children buy for parents, wives for husbands, etc. This column was requested as a reprint from someone who wanted to buy the most appropriate type of shirt as a gift for a loved one.

How shirt collars Influence the appearance of a man’s face: A man’s shirt collar is the item closest to his face and has a profound influence on his overall look. It can counterbalance his most prominent features, such as a too fat or too thin neck. The following is a guide to the most common face shapes in men, and what types of shirts accentuate the positive in their appearance.

A man who sports a few extra pounds and has a round, fleshy face should buy shirts with narrow, long tipped collars. A shirt with a spread collar or a normal collar will make such a man appear to have no neck. It also accentuates his weight. A shirt with a slightly narrower and lower collar will give him a “neck” and help him to look thinner.

A man who has a thin face and has a long neck should not purchase narrow point collars. This type of collar draws the eye down and makes the neck appear longer. A collar that is slightly open and wider will give balance to a thin face.

A man with a head that is larger than average should also avoid wide spread collars, as this type of collar will make his head appear larger. Slightly narrow, pointed collars provides balance for this type of head shape.

Proportion is key to balance and essential for a flattering look on any figure. If a man is disproportionately round below the waist, he should wear slacks that are darker than his shirts. Likewise, if he is larger on top with extra wide shoulders, he should wear darker shirts than slacks or sport monochromatic colors.

A short man should wear shirts and pants in the same color family to avoid cutting his body visually in half. Suits also give the body a streamlined look. Very tall men who wish to appear more average, should do the opposite and wear different colors in shirts and pants to interrupt the continuous line from shoulder to feet.

BEAUTY TIPS: Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Salma Hayek skips dinner for a couple of nights when she is trying to lose those few extra pounds. She is not a calorie counter.

Kim Cattrall squeezes lemon juice on her French fries to cut out the extra oil.

Marilyn Monroe ate spaghetti with a tightly cinched belt to avoid overeating.
Elizabeth Hurley said that she lost her post-pregnancy weight due to drinking lots of watercress soup.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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