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Generally Speaking: MTA adds large screen digital trip planners, Bay Ridge Inter-agency on Aging holds annual holiday breakfast

The New York City Transit Authority recently installed large computerized trip planning screens on the train platforms at the 59th and 36th Street subway stations. The interactive computers feature touch-screen keyboards where a subway rider can easily seek information about delays, alternate routes, scheduling, etc. We tried the computer at the 59th Street station, found it user-friendly and responded quickly to all the info we selected.
* * *
We strong support efforts by Community Board 10 to secure street co-namings for Maureen Stramka and Howie Dunn and urge City Councilmember Vincent Gentile quickly to quarterback these measures through the City Council as soon as the full board approves them.
Both Maureen and Howie were very good friends. We served several years with them on the Fort Hamilton Citizens Action Committee. In fact, it was Howie that proposed our membership on the board. Dunn is also credited with the new name for the 69th Street Pier, now known as the American Veterans Memorial Pier.
* * *
Members of the Bay Ridge Inter-agency on Aging held their annual holiday breakfast at the Vegas Diner on 86th Street in Dyker Heights. The group is led by Susan Lavin, with Sister Regina Corde from St. Anslelm’s Church serving as co-chair. Among the attendees was Charise Lawrence, Brooklyn community outreach director for the New York City Department for the Aging. Jane Kelly, a former president of the Bay Ridge Community Council, is the legislative liaison.
* * *
Bay Ridge Historical Society President Thomas McCarthy is hinting he may have longtime columnist, author of several books and Brooklyn native Pete Hamill — who also served as editor-in-chief at both the New York Daily News and the New York Post — as a possible guest speaker at one of the BRHS spring sessions.
* * *
Connie Rannocchia, a Vietnam-era U.S .Army veteran and vice president of the United Military Veterans of Kings County, recently attended a press conference at the World War II Memorial Building in Cadman Plaza Park with New York State Assemblymember Joanne Simon and Brooklyn Beep Eric Adams, along other vets and members of the Cadman Plaza Park Conservancy.
The event, called by the borough president, was to rally additional support and funding for the multi-million-dollar rehab of the building and surrounding landscape.
* * *
Best wishes for a happy, prosperous and safe New Year.

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